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Anthology guidelines

Shortly I'll be launching a new webzine Fantastic Stories. The New zine will be free to readers. We will fund the zine in part by selling e-pubs directly from the website. To that end, I'm putting together a couple of anthologies in advance so that there will be some product available when the first issue of the zine goes up. I'm looking to licensee reprint rights to stories for both a print and e-pub anthology. Each anthology will have about 800 pages of stories with a mix of classic fiction and newer fiction. Payment is a flat $10.00 plus a copy of the e-pub and two copies of the print anthology. There will also be a link leading back to the writer's website at the end of each story in the e-pub. I’m looking for stories that cover the entire science fiction and fantasy spectrum. I love hard SF (think Allan Steele and Ben Bova) I love magic realism (think Tim Powers and Neil Gaiman) and everything in between (think Roger Zelazny and Robert Silverberg). I want a story to surprise me and to take me to unexpected places. I love word play, and would like to see stories with a literary bent, though decidedly not a pretentious bent. I could spend some time telling you what I don’t want, but I’ve found that good stories can make me buy them regardless of how many of my rules they violate. Story length 1,000 to 10,000 words. Submissions should be e-mailed to fantasticstoriessubmissions@gmail.com

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