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U. S. Constitution

It seems that our edition of the U.S. Constitution has conservatives up in arms. We have a generic disclaimer on all of our PD books that points out that values have changed since the book was written. Back when we first started we got a lot of letters from people who were pissed off by some of the language and values that were presented in the classic books that we were publishing. So we put the disclaimer together and placed it into our template. The letters stopped coming and we forgot about it.

To give a bit of background. Wilder is not the actual publisher of the book. A&D Books is, we just distribute it. The reason this matters at all is because the publisher of A&D Books is a card carrying member of the NRA and quite conservative. So despite what Fox News and the conservative blogs want to say about this it's not really a liberal Vs conservative issue.

Next I have to confess that no one had given the disclaimer any thought in years until conservatives got upset by it because it offended their sense of political correctness. I know they always want to put that onto liberals, but conservatives have some of that going on themselves.

So the truth is, had we thought about it, we probably would not have put that disclaimer on the book. That being said, it doesn't change the fact that the offended people aren't putting much thought into this. The U.S. Constitution legalized slavery and forbid women from voting. In fact, our illegal immigration problem is a direct consequence of the slavery laws. I'm being told that values have not changed since this document was written. Do these people really mean that they don't think women should vote and that African Americans should still be slaves? If they don't mean that then they don't really have much of an argument because values have changed and if the U.S. Constitution were written today it would be different. So either the issue is not well thought out or it's intellectually dishonest. Personally, I think it's a bit of both.

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