warrenlapine (warrenlapine) wrote,

Small Press/Semi Pro Magazines

For the last fifteen years Realms of Fantasy hasn’t really been part of the science fiction/fantasy community. Now that I’m the publisher of the magazine that is changing. However, I’d like to do more than just bring it into the community. I’d like to use it to help promote community. I think Doug and my blogs do some of that. But I’d like to do more. I’d like to offer small press magazine and semi pro sf/f/h magazines some free advertising. It’s my intention to run six 1/6th page ads in each issue. If I get a lot of ads I’ll rotate them so that everyone gets about the same exposure over the course of a year. The dimensions of the ads should be 4 5∕8 tall 2 3∕8 wide. They should also be in full color. You can e-mail your ad to me at warrenlapine at yahoo dot com. If there’s a magazine out there that you love let them know about this.
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